BioHacked: Family Secrets

BioHacked tells startling true stories of the people caught between two multi-trillion-dollar industries — medicine and technology — and chronicles how their lives are transformed. In season 1, the children of anonymous sperm and egg donors — some with dozens or hundreds of half-siblings — take on the fertility industry. As they uncover the identities of their donors and gather vital medical information, unexpected ethical, scientific, and political challenges arise that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the baby business.

Meet the Host

T. J. Raphael is a multimedia journalist, editor, and producer with 15 years of media expertise. Raphael cut her teeth in print at The Village Voice and The New York Daily News, working under veteran investigative reporter Wayne Barrett and News editors like John Oswald. In 2013, she transitioned to audio journalism, taking on a multifaceted national broadcasting role at WNYC — the largest public radio station in America. In 2018, she was tapped to help run Slate Magazine’s podcast network, which garnered 180 million downloads a year, working on hit shows like Slow Burn, The Political Gabfest, What Next, and Decoder Ring.

Since 2019, Raphael has been reporting, producing, editing, and hosting audio documentary series for Sony Music Entertainment's Global Podcast Division. As one of Sony’s first hires for the podcast team, Raphael has worked on a number of investigative and reported series, including Broken: Jeffrey Epstein, VIRAL: Coronavirus, Do The Work, and the forthcoming series currently called BioHacked: Family Secrets (March 2022). Her work has been cited by The New York Civil Liberties Union, USA Today, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, among others. She lives in New York City and has a border collie named Smokey.

Listening Pack Giveaways

Secret sisters. DNA drama. Tech trauma. You're going to need some help processing all of these twists and turns. That's where the listening pack comes in: wine, chocolates, popcorn, and a stress ball to get you through this season of BioHacked. While these promotions are now wrapped, you can still view the rules of the Sony Music Fans giveaway here and of the partnership with Instagram influencers here.

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